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What comes with a machine rental?
Included in the rental is the machine itself, its rolling cart w/skirt, a gallon of drink mix (makes 5 gallons of frozen drinks), a 5-gal. jug for mixing the flavor and water (and alcohol if you choose), instructions for operating the machine and mixing the flavor(s), 50 nine-ounce plastic cups, 50 six-inch straws, and includes both delivery and pick-up.
What do I need to add?  Ice?
No ice needed - the machine freezes the liquid.  All you need to add to the drink mix is water (and alcohol, if you desire).  Specific instructions for the flavor mix(es) you choose will come with the machine.  
Click on this button to see a short video on how to use our machines:
Where can the machine be set up?  Can it go outdoors?  
The machine will come on, and needs to remain on, its own rolling cart.  So, anywhere the cart can be easily rolled is where it can be placed.  A good rule of thumb is: the cart/machine can go anywhere that would be wheelchair accessible.  We will deliver and roll the machine to the location of your choice.  We ask that you do not move the machine from the location where we leave it - exceptions to this may apply for safe-keeping after your event and will be discussed with you at the time of delivery.   Any damages resulting from otherwise moving the machine are the responsibility of the renter.
The machine can be used outdoors, but must be kept in the shade at all times to allow the contents to freeze properly.  
Another consideration is that the machine needs to be within three feet of a 20-amp outlet.  If an extension cord is needed, we will supply it.
Does Margaritas & More supply the liquor?
No - we do not supply nor sell liquor/alcohol.  The drink mixes do not contain any alcohol.  
How many drinks can I expect from one batch of mix?
When prepared per instructions, the machine will yield approximately 5 gallons of frozen drinks - or approximately 71 nine-ounce drinks.  Therefore, if you are having a large party with lots of guests, you may want to consider renting an additional machine and/or purchasing additional drink mixes.
Do you supply cups?  What size?
Yes.  Your rental includes 50 nine-ounce plastic cups and 50 six-inch straws.
How much does it cost to rent an additional machine?
For the same event, the second machine rental is $105.00
How much do extra drink mixes cost?
Each gallon of additional drink mix concentrate costs $15.00.
Do I have to use your mix or can I use my own recipe?
You must use our mix and prepare it as directed.  Using other recipes and mixes in our machines will cause damage to the machine. Any damages as a result of not using our mixes would be the responsibility of the renter.
What time can you deliver the machine?  When do you pick it up?
For deliveries - typically, we will deliver the machine between 9am & 1pm on the day of your event.  When you call to reserve your rental, we will discuss any variations necessary.
For pick-ups - typically, we will pick up the machine between 9am & 1pm the day after your event.  When you call to reserve your rental, we will discuss any variations necessary.
When is payment expected?  How can I pay?
Payment for the rental is due at the time of delivery.  Cash, check or credit/debit card are all acceptable means of payment.  If additional drink mixes are used during your event, payment for those will be collected at the time we pick up the machine.
How do I clean the machine after my event?
Lucky you!  You don't need to worry about that at all!  We do all that after we pick it up.  
If I want to use alcohol, how much do I need and how do I mix it?
Instructions for mixing alcohol will be included with your rental - but to prepare for what you need,  refer to the "Flavors" page of our website or call us and we'll be happy to let you know what to buy.
Can the machines be used for a kid's party or a party where we don't want to add alcohol?  
Absolutely!  All the flavors available can be mixed without alcohol.
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